Brookside Exclusive Properties is kicking off the New Year the right way by launching its new company! Susan Brooks worked for Team Ziegler the past seven years in the Lake Norman area and is proud to have founded Brookside Exclusive Properties! Also joining the team is Melissa Braun who offers years of experience in Property Management as well as residential sales.

Brookside Exclusive’s top priority is customer service and giving back; that’s why 5% of the net proceeds from our real estate transactions will go to a charity of the client’s choice. That’s how we at Brookside Exclusive Properties are making “A Real Difference in Real Estate.”

Our blog posts are being designed to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on within our community, provide you with tips on selling or buying a home, new trends, and much more!

New Use For Your Old Christmas Tree!

Do you enjoy watching the birds in your backyard? If so, don’t kick your Christmas tree to the curb just yet! You can “re-purpose” it by placing it outside and using it as a wild bird haven. Need to add festive decorations? No problem! Just add seed bells, suet bars and strings of berries for your winged friends to enjoy!

New Years Resolution

Do you need a New Years resolution you can stick to? Well here’s a positive way to stay on track. Write down on a little piece of paper the date and something positive that happened to you that day. Place it in a jar or can of any sort. At the end of 2014, open your “Positive Thoughts” jar and read all of the amazing things that happened to you throughout the year. We all have things to be thankful for and this is a way to be reminded!

Free Radon Testing Kits

From January 1-31, North Carolina residents are able to obtain free radon-testing kits from The N.C Department of Health and Human Services in Raleigh.  They are being given on a first-come first-served basis. For more information and to acquire your free radon-testing kit, you may visit or call 828-712-0972.

Attention Sellers!

Usually when selling your home, you’ve been told to stick with white and beige paint pallets. Well that has changed! Color forecasters agree that gray, especially a warmer hue, is now catching the eye of buyers. Keep the look light with soft corals, shell colors, sea greens, misty blues and lavender. They believe there will be less use of the Tuscan pallets; i.e. bold browns, bright deep reds, and burnt oranges. If you need assistance on “softening” the look of your home, contact us today for more information on staging your home.

Community Information

Zumba Fitness

If you’re looking to get in shape and have fun, this is the class for you! For $3.00 a class you can enjoy high energy and motivating music combined with unique moves that will have you dance the pounds away! Attend a Zumba class in the Harrisburg Town Hall located at 4100 Main Street, Suite 101. For more information go to

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